What is a Dover Big Local partnership?

The partnership is a way for people locally to get involved and contribute to decisions about how Dover can be improved. So the way it comes together and works is really important in making sure that Dover Big Local is a genuinely local, resident and volunteer-led programme.

The role of the partnership is to:

  • bring together the community’s views, and make the overall decisions about how Dover Big Local is run.
  • ensure Dover Big Local is resident-led and that people across the Dover Big Local area have a genuine and continuing opportunity to be involved
  • work with the Locally Trusted Organisation (Dover Big Local CIC) to ensure the Dover Big Local plan is carried out
  • review the plan, in order to create a follow-on plan for future years
  • connect with local organisations, businesses, public agencies, councillors and others who can deliver activities and help make Dover Big Local a success

What we expect of Big Local partners

Broadly, we expect partners to:

  • encourage a range of people in your area to be involved, in a thoughtful, inclusive, open and meaningful way
  • operate openly and transparently, which includes recording and communicating how decisions are made
  • behave in line with Big Local values and ethos, as well as the locally agreed code of conduct and governing arrangements
  • attend at least three meetings each year as well as the Annual General Meeting

If you would like to become a Dover Big Local Partner, please complete the below form.