Dover’s has a unique natural environment surrounded by rich downland that is home to rare orchids and butterflies. A rare chalk stream runs through the centre of the town with eels and trout among the fish to be found. As the river Dour reaches the sea we find an award-winning formalised seafront and further to the west the wilder Shakespeare beach. However our town’s environment needs improving in target areas. There are also many opportunities to grow food and get closer to nature.

Dover Big Local runs its own projects and works with partners to encourage residents and business to love where we live and make a difference to the town we live in. We aim to help make Dover a much smarter more attractive place to live in and visit leading to increased health, well-being and a stronger sense of pride.

Dover Big Local has continued to develop relationships and partnerships with local community organisations, including Transition Dover, Dover Wombles plus service providers and local authorities (Dover District Council and & Dover Town Council). Dover Big Local CIC is a member of the River Dour Partnership which campaigns for and monitors the health of the River Dour, working with the Environment Agency and water companies to maintain high water quality and manage the water flow to protect the species in the river.

Dover Pantry Allotment

Dover Pantry is part of the Dover Big Local family. We act as its legal body and hold joint events. In addition to the gleened food (unharvested crops gathered by volunteers) used in Dover Pantry, an allotment has been rented to plant fruit and vegetables that can be used by Dover Pantry members. Volunteer gardeners are welcome  to come and help at the allotment and you may like to either join in group activities there or find out about organising and activity of your own.

Garden visits and gardening skills

In the late summer and autumn of 2023 there have been a series of visits to formal gardens. Subject to funding,  this may be repeated in 2024. There may also be gardening skills classes to follow on from the permaculture session in 2023. If you would be interested in visits or classes please contact us so we can add you to the mailing list for future events.

Our Partners

Transition Dover

Transition Dover is a community group, formed in early 2016 to make our town greener and more sustainable. It is part of the Transition Towns’ movement which strives to make communities healthier and more sustainable through action by the people in the community.

Transition Dover also run a fun and engaging Repair Cafe. The workshop is well attended by people of all ages, with volunteer tutors helping participants to gain new sewing and mending skills.